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About TAILS Logo Variations

Published May 20th, 2022 by MermADA of Stake Pool TAILS


You will find 3 colorways of our logo in the Cardano Ecosystem.

  • •The Silver is our Brand Logo. You will find this on our websites, marketing, etc.

  • •The Gold version is our Pool delegates rewards TAILS Token.
    Minted on March 1st, 2021 you can see our tokenomics distribution outlined below.
    Pool delegators have two methods they can earn them through staking with TAILS Pool & there is a small amount available via public faucet.

  • •The Blue version is our TAILS Tickets Program.

Some know TAILS Token for the mint date. It's pretty old in the Cardano community, some hold it for that alone. Whether you consider yourself a Cardano NFT History collector, an investor or a trader you will want to have a few of these tokens!
If you don't have TAILS Tokens you can obtain them 3 ways - as a delegator you can claim them every epoch at these two urls -

Rewards Bundle & TAILS Delegate Faucet
*After staking your ADA with TAILS pool for 3 epochs

Just want to purchase a few, they are available for purchase to the public here -

TAILS Public Faucet
- Grab yours today!

How to use your TAILS Tokens!

Telegram NFT Auctions to purchase NFTS when we host them!

TAILS Tickets
Use your TAILS Tokens to claim a TAILS ticket- then use your ticket to claim the prize. 2 ada + 10 TAILS Tokens TAILS are burned through this system, meaning supply is being reduced! Once purchased visit the Ticket Redemption Telegram to claim the NFT or ADA Prize!

TAILS Token Time-Honored Merfolk

Do you hold at least one TAILS Token? Looking at minting a project who works with us?
Ask if they offer our Time-Honored Merfolk presale access and/or discount program! Different projects offer different bonuses for holding our TAILS Tokens!

“You could start now, and spend another forty years learning about the sea without running out of new things to know.” – Peter Benchley
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